CouncilNext50 was formed by a few committed neighborhood activists, political leaders and business owners with the goal of getting the Metro Council ready for the next 50 years.   Since the imposition of term limits in 1994, the average length of service in the Metro Council has shrunk from 10.68 years at the end of the 1995 term to a little over 6 1/2 years at the end of the 2015 term.  On August 30, 2015, 23 Metro Council members will be ineligible to run for Metro Council.  A full 60%, including all five at-large members will leave the council.  


Efforts to increase or repeal the term limit have failed each time the question has been put to the voters.  We believe that the voters have refused to agree to a change in term limits because they - rightfully in our view - think the Metro Council is too large.  In fact, the Metro Council is the third largest City Council in America after the much larger cities of Chicago and New York.  So, we are proposing a compromise.  Our CouncilNext50 initiative asks voters to approve an increase in term limits from two to three while at the same time reducing the council membership from 40 to 27.


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About CouncilNext50

  • Accumulate enough petition signatures to qualify for August 6, 2015 ballot 
  • Raise awareness about ballot measure
  • Encourage voter participation
  • Get out the YES! for Ratification Vote on August 6, 2015

Council Next

Key Goals